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Statements after race 1

Misano - ITA

Andrea Bertolini 

Statements after race 1

10/07/2011 - Misano
Bertolini: "I couldn’t do any more"

Andrea Bertolini: "I couldn’t do any more. I slipped a spot at the start: in the rush into turn one, I tried to overtake someone but ended up outside the line I wanted to be on. This gave Pigoli an opening and he made the most of it. By lap 6 my brakes were almost gone, what with the weight handicap of 75kg and with the car coming in a 1425kg. I had no choice but to ease up so that they cooled down. Also, my top speed dropped after the transmission seized up a little; I will have to get this fixed before Race 2. With all the problems we had, sixth was a good enough finish in terms of the championship. Also, finishing outside the top three means that I lose 30kg of ballast for Race 2”.


Pier Guidi: "Out of the running by lap 5"

Alessandro Pier Guidi
:There is not much I can say about my race: it ended on lap five! The car was handling really well. The mechanics had done a fine job after qualifying to change the engine after it had lost a bit of power; they were up until three in the morning. I want to thank them because they were brilliant. I wasn’t able to pay them back because someone ran into me at the start and I slipped a few places. Then the engine started overheating. It was nothing serious (the water just needed to be drained) but I decided to pit and not cause any more damage to the engine. I didn’t stand a chance of finishing highly anyway…”.


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