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Statements after race 2

Misano - ITA

Alessandro Pier Guidi 

Statements after race 2

10/07/2011 - Misano
Bertolini: "Biagi made a huge mistake!"

Andrea Bertolini: Biagi did something that could easily have been avoided. It ruined his race as well as mine. It was an even bigger mistake because he is also going for the title. It is a shame things turned out like this. I think the safety car coming on triggered it all. If it hadn’t come on things would have ended differently because Rangoni, up front, was having tyre problems. I could have attacked him like I did Cerqui, overtaking him at the end of the straight. With the pack bunched up, Rangoni could ease off and Biagi pulled up behind me… It was a pity because with 30kg less weight and after changing the transmission, my Quattroporte Eco was handling superbly. I could have claimed a crucial win in terms of the title race”.

Pier Guidi: "I set the fastest lap in the race"

Alessandro Pier Guidi:
"I could have done without the early spin. I had a problem with the brakes: I was already pumping them at every braking point and then I bottomed out. This was maybe because I had just ridden a kerb. The rear wheels locked and I spun, causing me to slip a few places. It is disappointing because the car was in good shape, something highlighted by my setting the race’s fastest lap (1'42"569) shortly after. This weekend was full of annoying hitches, otherwise we could have secured some decent finishes. What happened to Bertolini is also disappointing. I was right behind him and Biagi when the clash happened. I really don’t know where Thomas thought he was going. There was no space to overtake but he went for it anyway…”.


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