Pier Guidi: Now I am more confident in the Quattroporte Evo

Alessandro Pier Guidi

Pier Guidi: "Now I am more confident in the Quattroporte Evo"

Alessandro Pier Guidi: "The recent test session at Vallelunga was useful".

"I managed to cover 400km and I got to know the Quattroporte a bit better as I didn't know anything about it when I made my debut, at Donington, in mid-June. We managed to work on re-balancing the car because of the new weight handicap that Bertolini will have at Misano. I think it was a useful test because it was very hot, just like it will be at Misano this weekend. Still, I don't feel that it was right to give the Quattroporte Evos a 15kg handicap; you can't penalise the car just because our team, along with Maserati Corse, has done some outstanding work to develop it.

The extra weight will really be felt in the fast, sweeping curves at Misano. Even my 25kg total added weight will be hard to deal with in Race 1; if I don't finish too high up maybe I can ditch some and have a better chance in Race 2".