Bertolini: It will be hard defending myself

Andrea Bertolini

Bertolini: "It will be hard defending myself"

Andrea Bertolini: "Misano will be a bloodbath, especially for me".

"With 75kg of ballast on board, it will be tough defending myself. I could go for a decent finish at most while Race 2 will all depend on how the weight has been spread around. I don't think it's right that the Quattroporte Evos had 15 kg added to the minimum weight because we were too competitive while also taking the same weight off our main rivals, Mercedes. The result is that, adding the basic handicap to the weight assigned from previous races, Ferrara's Mercedes now weighs 1395 kg while my Maserati comes in at 1425 kg. The 75 extra kilos on my Quattroporte Evo will cost me 1"4-1"5 a lap; too much! The extra weight will also affect the tyre and brake wear. Another Mercedes driver to watch will be Rangoni. He is making a comeback and so will have no performance handicap. I don't think that skipping the last Misano race, which only counted towards the Italian series, will have any effect. I reckon that we will be familiar with the layout after free practice".