Bertolini: It was a shame about the traffic on the last lap

Bertolini: "It was a shame about the traffic on the last lap"

Andrea Bertolini: “I could have come home 5th and maybe even 4th if I hadn’t run into traffic on the last few laps".

"I didn’t want to push any more so that I didn’t wear the tyres out too much. It was a tough qualifying session and I think the races will be hard too. Race 1 will be especially tricky as I will have all of the weight on board while Race 2 will depend on the outcome of the first race. There is too much of a gap between the Quattroporte Evos and the Mercedes and BMWs. In the fast curves, above all the second in the final sector, we lose a lot of ground to the C63 AMG and the M3 E92 because the weight causes our cars to skid towards the outside. The added weight also means that the brakes are overworked and at Misano there are hard braking points all over the circuit”.