Post race 1 comments

Donington - GBR

Andrea Bertolini 

Post race 1 comments

19/06/2011 - Donington
Andrea Bertolini: "I managed to get the win I was hoping for straight away. Getting off to a good start helped as I managed to overtake Cerqui."

"The last five laps were really tough because the tyres had worn down, probably because the pressure was too high, especially at the back. Even so, I never allowed Herbert to close in too much and didn't ever feel that he would catch me. I will be going for points in Race 2 because, with a 30 kg handicap assigned after winning Race 1, the tyres shouldn't come under as much punishment. We will adjust the set up for the next race so that the tyres are less stressed. I will adopt a more conservative strategy".


Alessandro Pier Guidi: "For this first race in the Quattroporte Evo, sixth place is fine. I have got to know the car and seen how it handles so I will set it up a little differently for Race 2. I had a bit of tyre wear in Race 1 and this caused a bit of oversteer; you could see this from the way I had to keep correcting. The condition of the tyres was why I had to let Montanari through. He also had the benefit of having a car with minimum weight levels that was 100 kg lighter than my Quattroporte Evo. I think I can do better in Race 2 as I am getting to know the car, will improve the set up and I will not have any weight handicap".



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