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Donington - GBR

Alessandro Pier Guidi 

Post qualifying comments

18/06/2011 - Donington
Andrea Bertolini: "I will start on the front row for both races but I was really after pole."

"I just missed out on it because of other drivers slowing me down when they twice ran off the track just when I had new tyres on for my quick lap. On my first set of new tyres, I was going for pole and, in section 1, I was two tenths quicker than anyone else. I was flowing and the car was perfect but then the race officials showed the yellow flag when another car went off the track. With the second set, I had Pigoli ahead of me and I had to lift off the gas. Slowing down meant that I missed out on pole position. Even so, I am satisfied with our work during free practice and qualifying as the Quattroporte Evo was quick in the wet and, in England, the weather is usually unsettled…"

Alessandro Pier Guidi: "I enjoyed my first stint in the Quattroporte Evo. It is true that it is different to the MC12 I drove in previous seasons because it was a car designed just for the track. The Quattroporte Evo is set up quite well for racing and reminds me of the GranTurismo GT4. Given the circumstances, I am happy with fifth sport in qualifying. This is because I joined Swiss Team on the eve of the race and had never driven the Quattroporte Evo before. Then because the car was set up for another driver and it was different to how I like a car to feel. I wanted to get to know the car in Friday’s group session but an electrical fault meant that I only covered a few laps. It rained for most of the second free practice session and, like Bertolini, I was held up by the yellow flag. All told, I think we did well, even in the wet where our times were among the best. I have to admit that our task was helped by that fact that Bertolini and I had chosen similar set ups to those settled on for the race itself. This made it easier to sort out any problems".



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