Pier Guidi: I got here late but I am ready

Portimao, the race

Pier Guidi: "I got here late but I am ready"

Alessandro Pier Guidi. "Being part of Swiss Team is a real pleasure because it is a team with close links to Maserati. It will be like being part of a family as I have collaborated with Maserati for years and it will be good to see some of the technicians again, one of whom is Giuseppe Angiulli, someone I have worked with in the FIA GT and in the GT4 Cup."

"The Superstars series is exciting. It has got much bigger in recent years, both in terms of how the cars are set up and the level of the drivers appearing. Even though I have never driven it, I don’t think I will have problems adapting to the Quattroporte Evo. I am used to appearing in series that have already started; this has always been the case in recent years and I don’t think it has caused any problems”.