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Post Race 2 declarations

Zolder - BEL


Nicky Pastorelli 

Post Race 2 declarations

19/06/2010 - Zolder
Nicki Pastorelli: “After the comeback in Race 1, starting from pole in the second race made things easier for me. That aside, I really enjoyed it out there".

After the comeback in Race 1, starting from pole in the second race made things easier for me. That aside, I really enjoyed it out there. I was able to control things but I had to watch out for Sundberg towards the end".

Peter Sundberg: “It was a great race that would have been perfect if it had ended two laps later as I think I could have taken on Nicki. My position in the race was the result of bad luck in qualifying when a puncture forced me to start from fourth; I didn't have the chance to improve my position".

Gaetano Ardagna Perez:

I was really unlucky in the first race and so banked everything on Race 2. Another reason for this is that I started from the front row. I got off to a good start and managed to latch onto Pastorelli. I tracked his racing line and stuck close to him. I had to try not to lose touch with him while also keeping tabs on Sundberg behind me. I think it was a lively and exciting race and I did quite well. Once Sundberg had got past me I tried to bring home the third place that, in championship terms, is worth second. I hope I have left behind all the bad luck that struck in the first race both here and at Monza".

Paolo Necchi: “I reckon I deserve this podium after a puncture robbed me of one in the first race at Monza. I kept up a high tempo in this race and that meant that I closed the gap on the leaders. My tyres were wearing out towards the halfway stage and Smurra was also closing in. We took each other on and, in the end, I managed to hold him off".

Jonathan Sicart: “After winning both races, I would say that today was really positive. The car was in top shape and I had a lot of fun trying to hold off the Trofeos over the first ten laps. In the end, the gearbox problem we thought we could sort out in the team surfaced again. Despite this I was able to take the chequered flag in first".

Peter Kutemann: “The second race went much better than the first as I didn't go into any spins. This meant that I was able to stick with the pack rather than run a lonely race. I saw my mate Jonathan in a little bit of trouble towards the end and I was also in a bit of difficulty myself with the tyre pick-up and couldn't make the most of the opportunity. Even so, it was a fantastic day".

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