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Free practice

Mugello - ITA

Andrea Bertolini 

Free practice 1, Bertolini first

08/10/2010 - Mugello
Andrea Bertolini was quickest in the first free practice session at Mugello.

The three-time FIA GT champion used all his experience of the circuit to post a seemingly effortless 2’00”543. In second came the Goldstein/Sundberg crew (2’02”941) as they showed that they can compete whatever the circuit. It was a clear message of intent sent by the two to current series leader Pietro Zumerle (fourth in 2’03”196).

Zumerle ended the session behind Paolo Necchi (2’03”140) but one position up on Sergio Rota (2’03”282). There is not much between the drivers, something that shows how close things are in the title race. One name missing from the leaderboard is Ardagna Perez, but this is his first outing at Mugello. On the plus side, Davide Baldi's performance shone through. The 2009 Italian Climbing champion was making his debut in a Maserati and he turned on the style and pace to match the leaders to come sixth overall. He wasn't the only driver in form in this session: Belgian Louis Machiels, also making his debut in the series, came home seventh. Just behind him came Leonardo Maddalena and Alberto Sabbatini, director of Autosprint.

Over in GT4, the Coldani/Gallina duo finished twelfth, edging out Cedric Sbirrazzuoli and Kessel/Wyss.

Free practice 1

0140Bertolini AndreaGranTurismo MC Trofeo2’00.543
026Goldstein / SundbergGranTurismo MC Trofeo+2.398
0316Necchi PaoloGranTurismo MC Trofeo+2.597
044Zumerle PietroGranTurismo MC Trofeo+2.653
0527Rota SergioGranTurismo MC Trofeo+2.739
0648Baldi DavideGranTurismo MC Trofeo+3.526
0710Machiels LouisGranTurismo MC Trofeo+4.045
0833Leonardo MaddalenaGranTurismo MC Trofeo+4.516
098Sabbatini / MocciaGranTurismo MC Trofeo+4.991
102Niek HommersonGranTurismo MC Trofeo+5.136
1112La Mazza FrancescoGranTurismo MC Trofeo+5.582
1238Kessel / GallinaGranTurismo MC Trofeo+5.834
1399CedricGranTurismo MC Trofeo+5.842
1439Kessel / WyssGranTurismo MC Trofeo+5.957
1515Maggi FrancescoGranTurismo MC Trofeo+6.003
1625Ardanga Perez GaetanoGranTurismo MC Trofeo+6.105
1746Camassa AntonioGranTurismo MC Trofeo+6.984
183Piancastelli NicolòGranTurismo MC Trofeo+7.104
195Segler AndreasGranTurismo MC Trofeo+7.284
2014Frazza TizianoGranTurismo MC Trofeo+7.298
2111Lanting MartinGranTurismo MC Trofeo+7.359
2250Negra PietroGranTurismo MC Trofeo+7.449
237Pawlicek MarcelGranTurismo MC Trofeo+11.613
2429Larciprete MassimoGranTurismo MC Trofeo+11.754
2544RossocorsaGranTurismo MC Trofeo+18.511

Andrea Bertolini 

Bertolini against Gardel, as in 2005...

08/10/2010 - Mugello
With dusk falling over the ribbon of Tuscan track, Andrea Bertolini continued his development of the Trofeo's 2011 technical solutions.

In doing so, he built a healthy advantage over the pack: the Modenese driver's time of 2’02”123 was over 2” quicker than Gabriele Gardel in the GT4 version of the Trofeo.

The two have often matched up in the FIA GT championship but this was Gardel's first time in the Trofeo and he felt at home in the car straight away.

The second free practice session saw a few drivers normally up with the lead pace fall back a little. Replacing them were Davide Baldi (2’04”634) and Luigi Moccia (2’04”824). Moccia will team up with Autosprint director, Alberto Sabbatini, this weekend.

Just a thousandth down on the 'press' crew is Nicolò Piancastelli, who made up for losing ground in session 1 with a technical problem. The Trofeo's youngest driver is making a return after missing two races and made the most of his knowledge of the Tuscan circuit to move back into the places that matter. He is just ahead of the two going for the title: overall leader Pietro Zumerle (2’04”959) and the Steven Goldstein/Peter Sundberg (2’05”041) pairing.

Next up is Rota and then comes Machiels, from Belgium. Behind the two come Paolo Necchi, Ardagna Perez and Cedric Sbirrazzuoli.



Free practice 2

0140Andrea BertoliniGranTurismo MC Trofeo2’02.123
0243Gabriel GardelGranTurismo MC Trofeo+ 2.095
0348Davide BaldiGranTurismo MC Trofeo+ 2.511
048Sabbatini/MocciaGranTurismo MC Trofeo+ 2.701
053Piancastelli NiccolòGranTurismo MC Trofeo+ 2.702
064Pietro ZumerleGranTurismo MC Trofeo+ 2.836
076Goldstein/SundbergGranTurismo MC Trofeo+ 2.918
0827Sergio RotaGranTurismo MC Trofeo+ 3.297
0910Louis MachielsGranTurismo MC Trofeo+ 3.540
1016Paolo NecchiGranTurismo MC Trofeo+ 3.624
1125Gaetano Ardagna PerezGranTurismo MC Trofeo+ 4.551
1299Cedric SbirrazzuoliGranTurismo MC Trofeo+ 4.844
1315Francesco MaggiGranTurismo MC Trofeo+ 5.285
1412Francesco La MazzaGranTurismo MC Trofeo+ 5.389
1533Leonardo MaddalenaGranTurismo MC Trofeo+ 5.573
1650Pietro NegraGranTurismo MC Trofeo+ 5.920
1739Kessel/WyssGranTurismo MC Trofeo+ 6.010
182Niek HommersonGranTurismo MC Trofeo+ 6.049
195Andreas SeglerGranTurismo MC Trofeo+ 7.329
2014Tiziano FrazzaGranTurismo MC Trofeo+ 8.078
2138Gallina/ColdaniGranTurismo MC Trofeo+ 8.152
2211Martin LantingGranTurismo MC Trofeo+ 8.296
2346Antonio CamassaGranTurismo MC Trofeo+ 10.058
247Marcel PawlicekGranTurismo MC Trofeo+ 10.897
2529Massimo LarcipreteGranTurismo MC Trofeo+ 13.282
2644Dario BertanzaGranTurismo MC Trofeo+ 18.199


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