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Rota, at Monza in memory of Buziol

Monza - ITA

Sergio Rota 

Rota, at Monza in memory of Buziol

21/05/2010 - Monza
Sergio Rota is one of the drivers who appear in the group photo taken at Barcelona in 2003, the year that Maserati made a return to competition with the Trofeo Maserati.

He enjoyed two years at the wheel of the Trofeo, claimed a number of podium places and was always aggressive.
Then came a break from the track that was only interrupted by the occasional appearance, like at Spa in 2007. However, as in 2003, Rota had to be there for the first round of Maserati’s new championship. His return was not only dictated by wanting to try out the GranTurismo MC Trofeo; his choice was guided by the memory of the sadly missed Claudio Buziol.
“I decided to take part in this race for sentimental reasons, in memory of someone who set an example in both his personal and working life: Claudio Buziol. He ran Replay and I had the pleasure of getting to know him before he passed away in the year I spent competing in the Trofeo together with his close friend, Tony Andolfato. I wanted to reflect Buziol’s colours in the design of my car’s bonnet, which was black with ‘Replay’ written across it in red. Buziol was driven by passion at work, at play and in competition in general”.

This passion is what Rota displays for Trident cars. Real passion. It was obvious that the sensations he would have getting behind the wheel of the new GranTurismo MC Trofeo would also be strong and we asked him for a comparison of the two cars: “Compared to the one I drove in 2003 and 2004, the car has not just changed, it has been transformed. This may seem to be stating the obvious as the standard model from which these competition models are derived are totally different. Today’s car is physically bigger but, at the same time, more manageable than before. It is precise and the handling transmits a truly sporty feel to the driver. I didn’t expect anything less as the standard GranTurismo S that it derives from is fascinating and handles well. It is a car that captures and holds your attention, unlike other cars from the same category that you would struggle to tell apart”.

Rota tried his hand in other series after his appearances in the Trofeo so is in a position to give his opinion on other single-make championships: “I find that being behind the wheel of a GranTurismo MC Trofeo is like being in a simulator, and I mean this in a positive sense. Inside, the car is well soundproofed and this means you can stay focused on the driving. It is very precise and easy to drive. It doesn’t punish small mistakes but it goes without saying that you have to concentrate all the time when you push it to the max. Still, overall it is not hard to handle and is superbly balanced”.

Monza was where the MC Concept (that led to the Trofeo) was partly developed. “The GranTurismo MC Trofeo is well behaved but I would avoid trying anything fancy with the braking and racing line as this will not cut lap times. Here at Monza the drive should be as smooth as possible and it is crucial to be pacy coming out of the curves, especially the Parabolica”.


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