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Post-Qualifying Declarations

Monza - ITA

Manuel Villa 

Post-Qualifying Declarations

22/05/2010 - Monza
Ivan Capelli: "There was the same enthusiasm and professionalism from all the drivers that I found in the Trofeo."

Ivan Capelli: “Obviously, the car was totally different: it was the GranTurismo MC Trofeo, a well balanced car that you can take to the limit with ease because of the spot-on weight distribution.

I am really happy to have claimed pole in the first and second qualifying sessions. Saying this, we are all close to each other. Sergio Rota, who came second in the first qualifying session, is just four thousandths off my time and Peter Sundberg, second in the other session, is 15 thousandths down. This means that all the cars are well set up and looked after which means tomorrow will be very tight

Roberto Sperati: “I had to adapt my style to the car as it is a bit different to what I am used to driving. Even though I am happy at the progress made since free practice, I am still off the pace set by the leaders. The important thing will be to stay in touch with the front runners and hope to pick up important points"

La Mazza: “We are well down on the leaders but this is because we didn't have a chance to run many laps in the car. This means that we are discovering it as we cover the miles at Monza. Having driven other types of car, I am finding it hard adapting to the style needed to get the best out of the GranTurismo MC Trofeo, but improving with each session is important. I hope to improve even more in the race itself".

Moncada: “Qualifying went well and I am pleased. The only thing I'm not over the moon about is dropping from second to fifth in Qualifying 2 in the space of a few seconds! Jokes aside, we are all bunched together and the race should be a close one and maybe exciting too".

Pietro Zumerle: “I reckon that today the track is at least a second slower than yesterday and so I am more or less in line with the times set in the other sessions. The heat today makes it tougher for the tyres but it was all under control".

Manuel Villa: “I tried to smooth out my driving as my style in the first part of the session was a bit too 'rally': exciting the fans but not troubling the timekeeper. On the last lap I tried to use my brakes better to avoid the skids that would wear out the tyres; I wanted a better flow to my driving. Up front, Ivan was impossible to catch and so I am pleased to be up there with the quickest drivers. The car is perfect; I didn't have any trouble and the only thing I had to think about was the tyre wear. I ran a few more laps the drivers ahead of me and that could create some problems towards the end tomorrow. Still, it was a calculated risk as I need to clock up as many miles as I can in this car because I am not familiar with it".

Necchi: “Apart from handing third spot to Villa right at the end, I am very happy with how the session unfolded, especially as I had to skip yesterday's first free practice with a puncture. We are set well for the race and so I am feeling good".

Sicart: "The qualifying session was the first run in such high temperatures. This makes things a little harder for our GT4s which have narrower tyres than the Trofeos. Saying this, qualification went well and things are looking up for the race".

Doeblin: “Qualifying 1 was a bit hard because I still hadn't got to know the best braking technique. In the second session, I really stepped things up and my times immediately came down. At Monza you have to brake pretty hard and so the brakes play a big part. I got to know the car better as the laps ticked by. Considering my showing at Vallelunga and taking into account that this is my first time at Monza, I can only be satisfied. This is why I am looking forward to tomorrow's race".


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