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Interview with Amato Ferrari

Monza - ITA

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Interview with Amato Ferrari

23/05/2010 - Monza
The relationship between Amato Ferrari and Maserati, in particular with the Trofeo, is a special one.

The organisation he directed, AF Corse, ran Maserati’s previous single-make series. He also oversaw the MC12s debut in the FIA GT championship.

Even though he doesn’t like being under the spotlight, Ferrari, from Piacenza, spent a bit of time discussing the new Trofeo.

D: “After a gap of three years, the Trofeo is up and running once again. Twenty-one cars are quite a few in the current economic conditions…”
R: It is a great way to start and it has all really exceeded our expectations. Obviously we are pleased and convinced that this Monza event is a good springboard and not an end in itself. We have recently had a few new entrants and we are working to up the numbers even more for the next race”.

D: “What is your view of the drivers?”
R: “We had positive feedback from the tests at Misano, Vallelunga, Valencia and Monza. The drivers who did not test very much are, naturally, having a little more trouble. Still, they soon feel at ease in the well balanced GranTurismo MC Trofeo”.

D: “New championship; new faces. Who is your favourite for the title?”
R: “It is clearly difficult to make predictions at this stage and on the championship in general so I’d prefer not to name names. As I said before, the drivers who had the chance to test are more at home in the car and will be able to get the best out of it from the first round at Monza”. From what we can tell, there are five or six drivers who are not far off each other in performance terms and I’m sure the racing between them will be very close”.

D: “What are the main difficulties you face in organising the support structure for the championship?”
R: “The toughest job is Maserati’s as they have to sort out the marketing side and the nuts and bolts organisation. They have given us a car that meets the highest standards of reliability and performance. From our side, we can count on our experience from the previous Trofeo series and a tried and tested team from Maserati. We are aided along the way so that we run the series in the best possible way.


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