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An unforgettable Maserati weekend

Monza - ITA

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An unforgettable Maserati weekend

23/05/2010 - Monza
Monza was an exceptional weekend for Maserati’s guests.

Two warm spring days were the perfect stage for an event that was exciting from start to finish. As well as the Trofeo GranTurismo MC, the guests had the chance to run a few laps in the latest Maserati creations: the Quattroporte Sport GT S and the GranTurismo S. Track tests are part of Maserati’s DNA. All new cars go through a track workout as part of its test programme. Track work means that any new technology, materials and solutions can be checked. When it comes to putting high-performance cars like Maseratis through their paces, track experience is obligatory. Maserati also adopts this philosophy with its clients as it is impossible to fully appreciate a Maserati by taking it for a spin around the block. What you need is a way that allows potential clients to have a complete understanding of how the car handles. This is where the track comes into play.

Flanked by Maserati test drivers, the guests ran two laps of Monza in the passenger seat to get to know the car and circuit. During these laps, the test driver explained the ins and outs of the car and took it close to the limit to show just how brilliantly it handled. Then, the roles were reversed and it was the guests’ turn to drive a couple of laps. Naturally, the chance to drive on the track was appreciated and, once out of the cockpit, the comments were positive.

“That was a fantastic experience”, declared Mr Popev, from Bulgaria. “It is like driving on velvet but once you press the ‘Sport’ button it transforms into a true racer”. Mr Alone, from Israel, shared this view: “Stunning! You can really sense the power. It is an experience I will not forget in a hurry”. Italian Fortunato Castelli already owns a 2006 CambioCorsa coupé: “It is obvious that this GranTurismo S is a step above my car. The roadholding is amazing, the engine exceptional and there is more space for rear passengers. Personally, I would prefer it to be a little lighter and more compact but, overall, I give it a thumbs up”. Walter Repetti, who drives a 2007 GranSport, stated: “I have just driven a superb car. In the hands of an expert driver you really do appreciate it. It is well finished, comfortable, fast and has astounding grip”. Bartolucci Lupi Stefano has no doubts: “What more could you want? I am convinced that, in its class, the Quattroporte Sport GT S has no rivals”. Mr Baudoni found the Maserati berlina “surprisingly easy to drive. I honestly didn’t think that it would have such startling acceleration and performance”. The Quattroporte Sport GT S also won the backing of Simone Meneghello: “Top class engine, great engine noise and seats that support the driver well. It is an excellent car and, in my opinion, the best sports berlina out there”.


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