Free practice

Brno - CZE

Ardagna Perez, fastest time and a crash

It was a wet start in round four of the Trofeo Maserati GranTurismo MC at Brno.

The rain that fell during the night and early morning forced the drivers to mount wet weather tyres but it didn't take long for the conditions to improve. The track dried out and the pack raced to the pits to change into slicks.

Up until then, Paolo Necchi had been the quickest ahead of Venezuelan Ardagna Perez and Enrico Moncada, who later ran off the track to bring his session to an end.

The dry track mixed things up on the leaderboard with top spot continually switching hands. The returning Sergio Rota, Paolo Necchi, Enrico Moncada and Pietro Zumerle were all fighting it out. The defining moment came three minutes from the end when Gaetano Ardagna, having posted a time of 2:13.144, was involved in a spectacular crash. Luckily, he walked away unharmed.

The red flag came out so that the Venezuelan could be attended to and the crash barriers in the run off area repaired, freezing the standings.



Free Practice 1

1 25ArdagnaGaetano Ardagna Perez2:13.144
2 4ZumerlePietro Zumerle2:14.591
3 18SimonciniMauro Simoncini2:14.900
4 6Goldstein/SundbergSteven Goldstein2:15.048
5 16NecchiPaolo Necchi2:15.391
6 33MaddalenaLeonardo Maddalena2:17.980
7 3PiancastelliNicolò Piancastelli2:19.736
8 28SmurraEmanuele Smurra2:20.938
9 27RotaSergio Rota2:22.752
10 15MaggiFrancesco Maggi2:26.230
11 12La MazzaFrancesco La Mazza2:27.182
12 48Bellin/RinaldiMariano Bellin2:27.909
13 9MoncadaEnrico Moncada2:28.977
14 8EnoutStéphane Enout2:31.389
15 19Petrini/GallinaMarco Petrini2:37.530
16 7PawlicekMarcel Pawlicek2:39.493
17 14FrazzaTiziano Frazza2:40.853
18 5SeglerAndreas Segler2:42.658

Free Practice 2

1 4ZumerlePietro Zumerle2:12.653
2 9MoncadaEnrico Moncada2:13.021
3 16NecchiPaolo Necchi2:13.366
4 6Goldstein/SundbergSteven Goldstein2:13.462
5 19Petrini/GallinaMarco Petrini2:13.501
6 27RotaSergio Rota2:13.798
7 33MaddalenaLeonardo Maddalena2:13.806
8 3PiancastelliNicolò Piancastelli2:13.844
9 28SmurraEmanuele Smurra2:13.854
10 15MaggiFrancesco Maggi2:13.888
11 25ArdagnaGaetano Ardagna Perez2:13.929
12 18SimonciniMauro Simoncini2:13.946
13 12La MazzaFrancesco La Mazza2:13.961
14 48Bellin/RinaldiMariano Bellin2:15.156
15 5SeglerAndreas Segler2:16.766
16 8EnoutStéphane Enout2:17.694
17 14FrazzaTiziano Frazza2:18.347
18 7PawlicekMarcel Pawlicek2:18.971

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