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Comments after the qualifying race

Silverstone - GBR


Comments after the qualifying race

01/05/2010 - Silverstone
Andrea Bertolini: "It was a fine result. Third spot gives us 4 important points for our title challenge.

Andrea Bertolini: "We kept to our target of getting points in each race.
The car was very well balanced and the team did their usual good job. We only had a small problem with the pit stop where we lost a few crucial seconds activating the back up pumps and this cost us second place

Michael Bartels: "I had a good start from third place, I was pushing to the limit but I got pushed to the left in the first corner and went onto the dirt slightly. I was quite annoyed with that part but for the rest of the race it seemed everybody gave enough space and that made a great GT car race. I really enjoyed it. I like the new Silverstone circuit layout, it’s actually working well for our Maserati so I’m happy about that this weekend. I did enjoy the last layout as well but the new layout is interesting. As for tomorrow, it will be excellent to fight for the Tourist Trophy, I think the Aston Martins showed a brilliant effort today so we’ll have to keep that in mind. I do think that the race winners will be decided in the last 20 minutes tomorrow."

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