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Comments after the free practice

Silverstone - GBR


Comments after the free practice

30/04/2010 - Silverstone
Enrique Bernoldi: "I was happy with the car but there is room to improve on pace, but we finished the session in first position so I can’t complain," said Bernoldi.

Enrique Bernoldi: "This is the first time I have driven a sportscar at Silverstone because all my other races have been in single seaters, including Formula One, so it is a big change.

I enjoyed driving on the new circuit and it is very interesting. I think there are some new overtaking opportunities heading into the slower sections of the track so it should make for some good racing. Even some parts of the old circuit have been made tighter so these have been made a bit slower. Overall, it’s nice and I like it.

Looking ahead to the weekend, I think we are in good shape. We finished sixth in Abu Dhabi two weeks ago, starting from the back of the grid, so I hope we will qualify well and I hope we can win the race on Sunday.


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