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San Luis - ARG


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05/12/2010 - San Luis
Andrea Bertolini: «We've just accomplished an incredible thing: we've won the fourth international title!»

Andrea Bertolini: «They say that the first time is never forgotten, but I have to admit that today, the latest one, is surely wonderful, really exciting. It's not easy to win the first time, and repeating the feat is even harder.
The key to this success is having a reliable car, a fast team-mate like Michael Bartels --who I consider a brother-- and a team that is as motivated as I am. We were fast even when we were loaded with ballast; we attacked at the right time and we were good at avoiding difficult situations. This is what I call determination! Everyone deserves credit for it. I'm only sorry that we couldn't get Maserati a car maker's title. I dedicate this world championship to my wife, my son and to all those who have given me a helping hand.

Michael Bartels: «This championship isn't comparable to past ones: We've won it in the new World Championship, and the contenders were top-notch teams and drivers. It wasn't easy but we did it! Right now I still cannot fathom the importance of this success.
In the last two races we carefully controlled our advantage, trying to avoid mistakes. We were able to remain focused during the entire season, trying to accumulate the greatest amount of points possible while taking full advantage of opportunities as they arose. Perhaps we made less mistakes than our adversaries. Andrea and I know each other very well: this is an enormous advantage for us


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