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San Luis - ARG

Michael Bartels 

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04/12/2010 - San Luis
Andrea Bertolini: «We have 40 kilos taken off and the car is in another world.»

Andrea Bertolini: «Michael and I know this track well so we are quite confident for a good race. Everyone in the team has to remain our focus. We do our race and after we see what happens for the championship

Michael Bartels: «First of all congratulations to the Aston they did a great job, the gap is nearly a second so I don’t know how they managed this performance! It was important for us today not to make a mistake because the walls are very close and you never know if you if you can race the next day if you have an accident and the chassis is broken. We did the best job we could to be safe, to be quick, to be in Q3 and to stay ahead of our direct competitors for the championship. There’s still an important job to do».


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