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Verdonck/Pier Guidi 

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04/12/2010 - San Luis
Alessandro Pier Guidi: «This was my first time at San Luis and I like it.»

Alessandro Pier Guidi: «Saying this, you have to be careful as the race wall is very tight and you can't make any mistakes. Obviously we are not driving flat out as we are still getting to know the circuit. It is gradually getting easier and we are not too far off the lead pace. It takes a bit of time to learn a new track but that is something we don't have too much of and, in the second session, we will only run a few laps to keep the tyres in good shape for the race.
I think things should go well: the track is a quick one and there is space to overtake. I will be doing my best along with Verdonck, who I drove with at Navarra. We are on a par as he is fast too and is the same height as me; this means we won't have to shift the seat about too much.
Now we will take a look at the data and try to make it through to Q3 so that we start in one of the top places in the Qualifying Race

Miguel Ramos: «It’s a good circuit, very fast and good to drive. The tyres were very old from the last race so it’s difficult to see where we are. As for the rest of the weekend, we have 40kilos success ballast from the last race and I think on this circuit that it make it hard for us because it’s long straights and a lot of up and down. It will not be easy but we will try to fight».


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