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San Luis - ARG

Maserati is World Champion

Michael Bartels and Andrea Bertolini are now officially 2010 FIA GT1 World Champions. The reigning champions, driving Vitaphone Racing Team's Maserati MC12, have just won the drivers title for the fourth time (and third consecutive time) at the conclusion of the last round in San Luis, Argentina. The Vitaphone Racing Team also received recognition for remaining at the top of the team classification (for the sixth consecutive time). Celebration for Maserati's performance began right after this morning's Qualifying Race, when the math excluded Maserati's closest contender, Turner Enge's Aston Martin.

The last event in the 2010 season, the Championship Race, went to Makocwiecki/Clairy's no. 9, which, thanks also to points earned by their team-mates, catapulted Aston Martin ahead of Maserati in the SRO Trophy Manufacturers's classification.  


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Vitaphone Racing Team 


05/12/2010 San Luis


0157:35.613Makowiecki / Clairay

02+ 13.029Westbrook / Mutsch

03+ 13.477Martin / Leinders

04+ 22.205Piccione / Hirschi

05+ 26.195Kechele / Jimenez

06+ 28.206Dumbreck / Krumm

07+ 29.587Wendlinger / Moser

08+ 31.065Pier Guidi / Verdonck

09+ 34.182Pastorelli / Schwager

10+ 35.849Turner / Enge


05/12/2010 San Luis


0101:00:28.603Makowiecki / Clairay

02+ 13.616Westbrook / Mutsch

03+ 23.159Piccione / Hirschi

04+ 23.623Kechele / Jimenez

05+ 26.883Lopez / Mücke

06+ 27.827Risatti / Basseng

07+ 32.440Bertolini / Bartels

08+ 38.646Jani / Armindo

09+ 51.610Müller / Heger

10+ 58.398Kox / Haase