Bobbi/Longin- Copyright Maserati / Mario Chiarappa

Free practice

Paul Ricard - FRA



02/07/2010 - Paul Ricard
The Maseratis competing at Paul Ricard only ran a few laps in the pre-qualifying session as track temperatures soared to 50°C (30°C air).

With an eye on protecting their tyres, the Maseratis took to the track forty minutes after the session had started but Bartels/Bertolini wasted no time in posting the third best time.

The other Vitaphone Racing Team Maserati, crewed by Bernoldi/Ramos, closed out the session in eleventh spot while the two Triple H Hegersport MC12s appeared to be improving all the time with Margaritis/Heger (8th) and Bobbi/Longin (14th).

The session was held up for a few minutes to allow Piccione/Hirschi’s No.9 Aston Martin to be removed from its stationary position on the track.




0125Zonta / DanielLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S2:04.922
0224Kox / HaaseLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S2:05.077
031Bertolini / BartelsMaserati MC122:05.157
0423Krumm / DumbreckNissan GT - R2:05.236
0511Hezemans / MaassenCorvette Z062:05.562
0613Piccini / HennericiCorvette Z062:05.762
075Grosjean / MutschFord GT Matech2:05.869
0833Margaritis / HegerMaserati MC122:05.993
094Ara / NilssonNissan GT - R2:06.047
1010Hirschi / PiccioneAston Martin DB92:06.094
112Bernoldi / RamosMaserati MC122:06.151
1238Schwager / PastorelliLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S2:06.196
1312Gavin / KuismanenCorvette Z062:06.700
1434Bobbi / LonginMaserati MC122:06.763
1522Hughes / Campbell-WalterNissan GT - R2:06.816
163Wendlinger / MoserNissan GT - R2:06.997
177Turner / EngeAston Martin DB92:06.999
188Nygaard / MückeAston Martin DB92:07.228
1937Bouchut / BassengLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S2:07.341
209Accary / MakowieckiAston Martin DB92:07.575
2140Leinders / MartinFord GT2:07.588
226Panis / GachnangFord GT Matech2:08.408
2341Kuppens / PalttalaFord GT2:09.777


Bartels/Bertolini fourth after free practice

02/07/2010 - Paul Ricard
Accary/Sarrazin's No.9 Aston Martin posted the quickest time in today's first free practice session.

Air temperature 25°
Track temperature 31°

This weekend's action, round four of the GT1 World Championship, is taking place at the Paul Ricard circuit at Le Castellet, France.

The Maserati MC12s fielded by the Vitaphone Racing Team performed well in the first 80 minutes: Bertolini (No.1) and Bernoldi (No.2) tested the water for the opening laps before really pushing on and setting fast lap times. Andrea Bertolini set his best time (2:06.226) on lap seven, edging out Kox's Lamborghini Murcielago and his team mate, Bernoldi (2:06.569). The other two Maseratis took eleventh (Bobbi) and thirteenth (Margaritis).

The driver changes took place halfway through the session and the time that was left was used for studying the track layout and making notes of the reference points that will be useful in qualifying and in the two races. This second half was when Accary topped the timesheet. Between him and Bertolini/Bartels (fourth) came the Nissan crewed by Campbell-Walter/Hughes and Kox/Haase in their Lamborghini. Bernoldi/Ramos came seventh and the two Triple H Hersport Maseratis closed the session in nineteenth and twentieth.



Free practice

019Accary / MakowieckiAston Martin DB92:05.565
0222Hughes / Campbell-WalterNissan GT - R2:05.945
0324Kox / HaaseLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S2:06.147
041Bertolini / BartelsMaserati MC122:06.226
053Wendlinger / MoserNissan GT - R2:06.388
068Nygaard / MückeAston Martin DB92:06.545
072Bernoldi / RamosMaserati MC122:06.560
0840Leinders / MartinFord GT2:06.734
097Turner / EngeAston Martin DB92:06.769
1023Krumm / DumbreckNissan GT - R2:07.048
1125Zonta / DanielLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S2:07.163
126Panis / GachnangFord GT Matech2:07.188
1311Hezemans / MaassenCorvette Z062:07.247
1437Bouchut / BassengLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S2:07.695
155Grosjean / MutschFord GT Matech2:07.825
1610Hirschi / PiccioneAston Martin DB92:07.883
1741Kuppens / PalttalaFord GT2:07.957
1813Piccini / HennericiCorvette Z062:08.086
1934Bobbi / LonginMaserati MC122:08.292
2033Margaritis / HegerMaserati MC122:08.827
214Ara / NilssonNissan GT - R2:08.987
2212Gavin / KuismanenCorvette Z062:09.838
2338Schwager / PastorelliLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S2:11.432