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Comments after the pre-qualifying

Nürburgring - DEU


Comments after the pre-qualifying

27/08/2010 - Nuerburgring
Alex Müller - "I am very pleased with the opportunity I have been given to race for a second season with Maserati. "

Alex Müller- "After last year's championship with Vitaphone I was called up and, from the Spa race on, I have been back in the Maserati family

It is doubly pleasing because I made it onto the podium with Altfrid Heger first time out. It really feels special because I know everyone: the engineers and mechanics... I feel at home. Compared to 2009, the MC12 has changed in terms of the weight and winglets but it is still the MC12! It is exciting and special to be racing at the Nuerburgring in Germany.
I don't want to make any rash predictions for this weekend and prefer to wait to see what qualifying brings".

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