Ramos/Bernoldi - Copyright Maserati/Mario Chiarappa

Free practice

Nürburgring - DEU


Pre-qualifying halted by the rain

27/08/2010 - Nürburgring
Torrential rain brought a premature end to Friday afternoon’s pre-qualifying at Nuerburgring.

A ten minute downpour made it impossible for the drivers to go out onto what had been a dry track in the opening twenty minutes, allowing them to mount slicks for a few laps.

When the red flag came out, the fastest on the track was the No.7 Aston Martin driven by Turner/Enge (1:59.220). The Maseratis were in fifth with Bartels/Bertolini, seventh with Longin/Pier Guidi, fifteenth courtesy of Ramos/Bernoldi and Heger/Mueller in twenty-second.






017Turner / EngeAston Martin DB901:59.220
0240Martin / LeindersFord GT01:59.520
033Wendlinger / MoserNissan GT - R01:59.640
048Nygaard / MückeAston Martin DB901:59.810
051Bertolini / BartelsMaserati MC1201:59.822
0622Hughes / Campbell-WalterNissan GT - R01:59.988
0734Longin / Pier GuidiMaserati MC1202:00.210
085Mutsch / WestbrookFord GT Matech02:00.229
0923Krumm / DumbreckNissan GT - R02:00.533
1011Maassen / MentenCorvette Z0602:00.623
1110Piccione / HirschiAston Martin DB902:00.628
1213Hennerici / MargaritisCorvette Z0602:00.727
134Ara / NilssonNissan GT - R02:01.077
146Prost / JaniFord GT Matech02:01.202
152Ramos / BernoldiMaserati MC1202:01.267
1637Basseng / JägerLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S02:01.449
179Makowiecki / ClairayAston Martin DB902:01.547
1812Salo / KuismanenCorvette Z0602:06.266
1925Zonta / KecheleLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S02:07.663
2024Kox / HaaseLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S02:09.117
2138Schwager / PastorelliLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S02:12.285
2233Heger / MüllerMaserati MC1202:12.472
2341Kuppens / PalttalaFord GT02:17.952

Longin/Pier Guidi 

A wet free practice session

27/08/2010 - Nürburgring
The rain played a major role at the Nuerburgring in Germany during round six in the FIA GT1 World Championship.

The track was wet from start to finish with the conditions making it almost impossible for the drivers to go out at times.

The quickest of the Maserati MC12 drivers were Michael Bartels and Andrea Bertolini, with a fourth fastest time of 2:15.357 set on the very last lap. Topping the timesheet is the No.8 Aston Martin driven by Nygaard and Mucke.

Next up in terms of time for the Maseratis was the No.34 car with Bert Longin and Alessandro Pier Guidi on board. Pier Guidi was making an FIA GT1 return in the MC12 after appearing for Play Team and Vitaphone Racing Team (with whom he scored a win in last season's closing meet at Zolder).

The other black and green Vitaphone Racing Team car, the No. 2 crewed by Ramos/Bernoldi, finished in 17th place while Heger/Mueller's No.33 came nineteenth.





Free practice

018Nygaard / MückeAston Martin DB902:13.6
0237Basseng / JägerLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S02:15.1
035Mutsch / WestbrookFord GT Matech02:15.2
041Bertolini / BartelsMaserati MC1202:15.4
0513Hennerici / MargaritisCorvette Z0602:15.6
0622Hughes / Campbell-WalterNissan GT - R02:15.6
0723Krumm / DumbreckNissan GT - R02:15.8
0838Schwager / PastorelliLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S02:16.0
093Wendlinger / MoserNissan GT - R02:16.5
1011Maassen / MentenCorvette Z0602:17.1
119Makowiecki / ClairayAston Martin DB902:17.1
1234Longin / Pier GuidiMaserati MC1202:17.3
137Turner / EngeAston Martin DB902:17.3
1425Zonta / KecheleLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S02:17.4
156Prost / JaniFord GT Matech02:17.6
1612Salo / KuismanenCorvette Z0602:17.8
172Ramos / BernoldiMaserati MC1202:18.2
1824Kox / HaaseLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S02:18.4
1933Heger / MüllerMaserati MC1202:18.4
2010Piccione / HirschiAston Martin DB902:18.4
214Ara / NilssonNissan GT - R02:18.5
2241Kuppens / PalttalaFord GT02:19.5
2340Martin / LeindersFord GT33:20.2