Bertolini/Bartels - Copyright Maserati/Mario Chiarappa


Nürburgring - DEU

Bartels/Bertolini Get Further Ahead in the Classification

Their sixth place in the Nuerburgring Championship Race in the FIA GT1 World Championship earns the Bartels/Bertolini duo more points, setting them further in the driver’s standings with an advantage of 14 points ahead of the next set of drivers.

After starting out from tenth place, Maserati MC12 no. 1, driven by Bertolini, was able to advance three positions right after the starting line until it reached fifth. Going very fast, Bartels continued to push the car to gain more ground, but his maneuver was limited due to rules in force regarding the car’s weight and restrictor plates.

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The race 


28/08/2010 Nürburgring


011:00:21.518Turner / Enge

021:00:31.874Hennerici / Margaritis

031:00:41.860Kox / Haase

041:00:53.595Zonta / Kechele

051:00:57.835Piccione / Hirschi

061:01:08.685Mutsch / Westbrook

071:01:14.379Ramos / Bernoldi

081:01:19.594Prost / Jani

091:01:20.311Nygaard / Mücke

101:01:37.177Bertolini / Bartels


29/08/2010 Nürburgring


011:00:59.709Turner / Enge

021:01:09.256Kox / Haase

031:01:12.727Hennerici / Margaritis

041:01:13.891Piccione / Hirschi

051:01:14.818Nygaard / Mücke

061:01:16.201Bertolini / Bartels

071:01:19.634Makowiecki / Clairay

081:01:24.543Hughes / Campbell-Walter

091:01:24.807Longin / Pier Guidi

101:01:40.143Wendlinger / Moser