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23/10/2010 - Navarra
Bert Longin: "I like this circuit."

Bert Longin: "It is technically demanding but a little tight. It is not really suited to GT1 and would perhaps be better for smaller cars. Anyway, we have been working on the grip and studying the layout of a track that no-one really knows. We will make the most of the upcoming sessions to pick the reference points and look at the braking. It is still too early to make any predictions about how things may go in the race".

Miguel Ramos: "It was fun out there, the first sector is really nice, the second sector is a bit boring because it is stop and go, not very good for the Maserati because of the power and the third sector is also nice so it's ok.
I think that we will be better in the race. In Qualifying I'm not sure because it is very stop and go and the difference of torque between our car and the others is very big. So on fresh tyres they will be very quick. I think that in the race we could go ok.


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