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Post Qualifying Race comments

Navarra - ESP


Post Qualifying Race comments

24/10/2010 - Navarra
Alex Mueller: "I got off to a good start and the car responded really well."

Alex Mueller: "We weren't super quick but were still competitive and able to climb into third. Unfortunately we weren't able to hold onto it and came in sixth. It is a good position going into the Championship Race".

Alessandro Pier Guidi: "The pit stop was very good and I pushed on my out-lap to close the gap. My race pace was not as good and it was impossible for me to catch the 25 after the first few laps. There was a big gap between me and the third car, so it was OK. We are starting on the front row again, this is very good for us and I hope will have another good race this afternoon."

Nico Verdonck: "It was a great race and as I said yesterday after Qualifying that we needed to get a good start, which we managed, and afterwards it was just keeping the car on the track.
From the beginning the gap was getting bigger and bigger but the purpose was to get the car in a good position for the Championship Race and Alessandro finished the job perfectly. It was great racing and I enjoyed myself a lot



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