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Navarra: a new circuit for everyone

Navarra - ESP


Navarra: a new circuit for everyone

23/10/2010 - Navarra
Bartels/Bertolini (in the No.1 Maserati MC12) and Bernoldi/Ramos (in the No. 2 car) are the two Vitaphone Racing Team crews competing in the eighth round of the FIA GT1 series. The event will be held at the Navarra circuit in northern Spain.

Triple H Team Hegersport will be going into this round (the last European stage on the 2010 calendar) with the all-new pairing of Mueller/Pier Guidi (No. 33 Maserati MC12); the Italian will be filling in for Altfrid Heger, who will miss this race. The Belgian pairing of Bert Longin and Nico Verdonck will be in the No. 34 car, teaming up again after their appearance at Spa at the end of July. 

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