Free practice

Navarra - ESP


The drivers adopted the same tactic of protecting their tyres for qualifying.

The cars ran very few laps during Saturday's second practice session to keep the tyres in good shape for the afternoon's qualifying.

One pairing who did put in a major effort was the Bobbi/Palttala crew from Marc VDS Racing team who covered 23 laps in their Ford GT.

The four Maserati MC12s opted to limit the number of laps they ran. Longin/Mueller put in a solid showing to register the fourth fastest time (1:36.733) in the No.33 car. They completed only eight laps but improved on their morning practice time by three seconds.

In tenth came the No.1 car driven by Bartels/Bertolini from the Vitaphone Racing Team (1:37.075 from nine laps covered). Their stable mates, Bernoldi/Ramos, set a time of 1:37.075 during their twelve laps). The final Maserati, the No.34 Triple H Team Hegersport car driven by Pier Guidi/Verdonck, was thirteenth in 1:37.215 (the pairing ran nine laps).

Top of the timesheet came Mutsch/Westbrook, in the No.5 Ford GT Matech, with a time of 1:36.051.




1 5Westbrook / MutschFord GT Matech1:36.051
2 40Martin / LeindersFord GT+0.567
3 25Zonta / KecheleLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S+0.599
4 33Longin / MüllerMaserati MC12+0.682
5 24Kox / HaaseLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S+0.686
6 38Schwager / PastorelliLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S+0.839
7 6Jani / AmindoFord GT Matech+0.908
8 23Dumbreck / KrummNissan GT - R+0.952
9 22Campbell-Walter / HughesNissan GT - R+0.966
10 1Bertolini / BartelsMaserati MC12+0.973
11 2Bernoldi / RamosMaserati MC12+1.024
12 7Turner / EngeAston Martin DB9+1.065
13 34Pier Guidi / VerdonckMaserati MC12+1.164
14 37Bouchut / BassengLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S+1.291
15 9Makowiecki / ClairayAston Martin DB9+1.406
16 3Wendlinger / MoserNissan GT - R+1.422
17 10Hirschi / PiccioneAston Martin DB9+1.485
18 13Hennerici / MargaritisCorvette Z06+1.615
19 41Bobbi / PalttalaFord GT+1.681
20 4Ara / NilssonNissan GT - R+2.108
21 12Huisman / KuismanenCorvette Z06+2.250

Free practice

At 10.00, the Maserati MC12s got their first real taste of the new Navarra track. Found in northern Spain, the circuit this morning hosted the free practice sessions ahead of the eighth round of the FIA GT1 World Championship.

Bertolini, Bernoldi, Longin and Pier Guidi were the Maserati drivers who took to the track.

The circuit was not the only novelty as the pairings were also untested: Longin, making a return after missing Portimao, climbed into the No.33 car alongside German Alex Mueller. Mueller’s usual team mate, Altfrid Heger, is busy driving in another series this weekend.

In the No.34 car was another new crew: Nico Verdonck (who appeared in his home race at Spa flanked by Longin) has Alessandro Pier Guidi as a partner. This is Pier Guidi’s third consecutive race in the Triple H Team Hegersport Maserati MC12.

The first eighty minutes were run in sunshine though the temperatures did not top 8°C (air) and 10°C on the track surface.

All the drivers had a stint on the track. Bernoldi/Ramos, in the No. 2 car, were the quickest Maserati crew in a time of 1:37.829 – good enough for eighth. The overall leaders, Bartels/Bertolini, posted the twelfth best time (1:38.444), while Pier Guidi/Verdonck came in fifteenth after having to cut short their session with a technical problem. The No.34 Maserati MC12, with Longin/Mueller on board, came nineteenth.

The morning’s best time was clocked by Kox/Haase in the team Reiter Lamborghini Murcielago 670 R-SV (1:36.942).



Free practice

1 24Kox / HaaseLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S1:36.942
2 40Martin / LeindersFord GT+0.112
3 22Campbell-Walter / HughesNissan GT - R+0.123
4 37Bouchut / BassengLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S+0.332
5 38Schwager / PastorelliLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S+0.339
6 7Turner / EngeAston Martin DB9+0.389
7 25Zonta / KecheleLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S+0.827
8 2Bernoldi / RamosMaserati MC12+0.887
9 6Jani / AmindoFord GT Matech+0.919
10 5Westbrook / MutschFord GT Matech+1.233
11 8Nygaard / MückeAston Martin DB9+1.356
12 1Bertolini / BartelsMaserati MC12+1.502
13 10Hirschi / PiccioneAston Martin DB9+1.635
14 23Dumbreck / KrummNissan GT - R+1.725
15 34Pier Guidi / VerdonckMaserati MC12+1.773
16 9Makowiecki / ClairayAston Martin DB9+1.815
17 41Bobbi / PalttalaFord GT+1.989
18 13Hennerici / MargaritisCorvette Z06+2.152
19 33Longin / MüllerMaserati MC12+2.993
20 4Ara / NilssonNissan GT - R+3.212
21 3Wendlinger / MoserNissan GT - R+3.727
22 12Huisman / KuismanenCorvette Z06+3.873