Heger/Margheritis- Copyright Maserati / Studio Mazzi

Warm up

Abu Dhabi - UAE


Maserati take things easy in the warm up

17/04/2010 - Abu Dhabi
Andrea Piccini and Mike Hezemans in the Phonenix Racing/Carsport Corvette Z06 topped the timesheet in the morning warm up on Saturday 17 April at Abu Dhabi.

The two German teams fielding Maserati MC12s did not go all out but tried instead to run as many laps as possible so that they got to know the car and the track. Ramos/Bernoldi covered 11 laps to place seventh; Bartels/Bertolini (10 laps) are in thirteenth; Bobbi/Longin (10 laps) twenteenth and Heger/Margatis (9 laps) twenty-second.

The weather conditions were an improvement on yesterday’s when pre-qualifying was held in strong winds that blew sand onto the track surface.

1) Piccini/Hesemans - Corvette - 2:08.435
2) Campbell/Hughes - Nissan - 2:09.148
3) Martin/Leinders - Ford GT - 2:09.253

7) Ramos/Bernoldi - Maserati MC12 - 2:10.039
13) Bartels/Bertolini - Maserati MC12 - 2:11.010
20) Bobbi/Longin - Maserati MC12 - 2:13.566
22) Heger/Margaritis - Maserati MC12 - 2:14.498

Warm up

0114Piccini, AndreaCorvette Z062:08.435
0222Campbell-Walter, JamiNissan GT-R2:09.148
0340Martin, MaximeFord GT2:09.253
0423Krumm, MichaelNissan GT-R2:09.583
055Mutsch, ThomasFord GT2:09.761
0613Zuber, AndreasCorvette Z062:09.936
072Bernoldi, EnriqueMaserati MC122:10.039
0810Hirschi, JonathanAston Martin DB92:10.106
099Dumas, PhilippeAston Martin DB92:10.113
1037Basseng, MarcLamborghini Murcielago R2:10.427
1111Müller, AlexCorvette Z062:10.741
123Moser, HenriNissan GT-R2:10.780
131Bertolini, AndreaMaserati MC122:11.010
144Nilsson, MaxNissan GT-R2:11.208
1525Zonta, RicardoLamborghini Murcielago R2:11.278
1641Palttala, MarkusFord GT2:11.708
1724Haase, ChristopherLamborghini Murcielago R2:11.817
1812Kuismanen, PerttiCorvette Z062:12.012
197Enge, TomasAston Martin DB92:12.963
2034Bobbi, MatteoMaserati MC122:13.566
218Mücke, StefanAston Martin DB92:13.793
2233Heger, AltfridMaserati MC122:14.498
2338Pastorelli, NickyLamborghini Murcielago R2:15.097
246Gachnang, NatachaFord GT