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Qualifying race

Abu Dhabi - UAE


First podium for the Maserati mc12

17/04/2010 - Abu Dhabi
Bartels/Bertolini's No.1 Maserati came home third in the qualifying race at Abu Dhabi.

The qualifying race is the first of the hour-long events introduced by the new regulations and saw the reigning FIA GT1 champions cross the line behind the Zuber/Hennerici Corvette and the Ford driven by Mursch/Grosjean.

Michael Bartels – who drove the first stint in the No.1 Maserati - did well to escaped unharmed from the traffic at turn one. Less fortunate was his team mate, Miguel Ramos, who was clipped by another car and spun of the track. The damage to the car forced the Portuguese man into the pits for an early retirement while the safety car bunched the pack. So, Michael left things to Andrea Bertolini and he made the most of the other drivers coming into the pit lane to climb through the field and into third; a position he held until the end. The No.33 Maserati, crewed by Heger/Margaritis from Triple H Team Hegersport, also starred. The pair began from twelfth and managed to move up to finish in fifth while the other crew in the black and white Maserati, Bobbi/Longin, did not get out of the starting blocks because of a technical problem.

Another new FIA regulation is that points are assigned for the qualifying race: 8 points for first, 6 for second and 4 for third. The race also decides the starting grid for the second event: the Championship Race.

Luckily for Maserati, the starting grid for the second race did not reflect the final order of the Qualifying Race.
Bartels/Bertolini were bumped up to second after Zuber/Hennerici's Corvette was relegated 10 places for breaking balance of performance rules and Heger/Margaritis moved into fourth after the No.8 car was dropped five spots for having changed its engine.

Qualyfing race

0113Zuber, AndreasCorvette Z062:07.157
025Mutsch, ThomasMaserati MC122:07.966
031Bartels, MichaelMaserati MC122:09.019
048Nygaard, ChristofferAston Martin DB92:10.046
0533Margaritis, AlexanderMaserati MC122:09.163
0640Leinders, BasFord GT2:09.155
079Makowiecki, FredericAston Martin DB92:09.219
0810Piccione, ClivioAston Martin DB92:10.717
093Wendlinger, KarlNissan GT-R2:09.797
1025Zonta, RicardoLamborghini Murcielago R2:10.129
1123Krumm, MichaelNissan GT-R2:10.086
124Ara, SeijiNissan GT-R2:08.894
1322Hughes, WarrenNissan GT-R2:10.187
1411Maassen, XavierCorvette Z062:08.818
1524Kox, PeterLamborghini Murcielago R2:09.512
1614Hezemans, MikeCorvette Z062:08.332
1738Schwager, DominikLamborghini Murcielago R-2:12.192
1837Basseng, MarcLamborghini Murcielago R2:12.606
1941Kuppens, RenaudFord GT
202Ramos, MiguelMaserati MC12
217Enge, TomasAston Martin DB9
2212Kuismanen, PerttiCorvette Z06
236Allemann, CyndieFord GT
2434Longin, BertMaserati MC12