Bartels/Bertolini - Copyright Maserati/Studio Mazzi


Abu Dhabi - UAE

Maserati Fourth at the Yas Marina Track

Bartels/Bertolini obtained fourth place with Vitaphone Racing Team's Maserati MC12 at the conclusion of the first round of the new FIA GT1 World Championship, held in Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi. The reigning champions had been fighting for the podium until the pit stop of the "Championship Race", but then as the race proceeded it was evident how much the Maserati is penalized by the new rules with respect to its rivals.

All the Modenese cars improved their standing today: Vitaphone Racing Team other car, driven by the Bernoldi/Ramos pair, finished sixth but had started out from the back of the starting line due to contact during the Qualifying Race, which forced them to return to and remain in the pit.

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16/04/2010 Abu Dhabi


011:00:34.886Zuber / Hennerici

021:00:37.159Mutsch / Grosjean

031:00:39.194Bertolini / Bartels

041:01:12.694Nygaard / Mücke

051:01:18.421Margaritis / Heger

061:01:20.494Leinders / Martin

071:01:29.004Makowiecki / Dumas

081:01:42.041Piccione / Hirschi

091:01:47.469Wendlinger / Moser


17/04/2010 Abu Dhabi


012:07.376Grosjean, Romain

022:08.632Hennerici, Marc

032:07.798Piccini, Andrea

042:09.088Bartels, Michael

052:09.419Daniel, Rafael

062:08.709Ramos, Miguel

072:09.217Longin, Bert

082:09.733Haase, Christopher

092:09.413Heger, Altfrid