Ramos/Bernoldi - Copyright Maserati/Grimfoto

Qualifying race

Spa-Francorchamps - BEL


Belgian Drivers Longin/Verdonck Fifth at the SPA Racetrack

30/07/2010 - Spa-Francorchamps
Triple H Team Hegersport’s Belgian Longin/Verdonck duo obtained the best position from among the Maseratis competing today at the FIA GT1’s 5th round Qualifying Race held at the SPA Francorchamps racetrack.

The two home turf drivers raced Maserati MC12 no. 34 toward the finish line and concluded the race in fifth place.

Triple H Team Hegersport’s good effort was rounded out by the performance of the Maserati MC12 no. 33 driven by Heger/Muller, who, having started off from the back rows, were nonetheless able to end the race in thirteenth place after a splendid recovery.

It was, however, an unfortunate day for Vitaphone Racing Team’s Bartels/Bertolini duo. It began with a session of qualifying practices complicated by track conditions, traffic and ballast. It ended at the first turn of the Qualifying Race, when Maserati MC12 no.1 was hit by Sumo Power GT-R’s Nissan no. 22. The collision happened at the exit of La Source. It forced Michael Bartels to head for the pit with heavy damage to the left side of the car; he was thus unable to continue the race. Nevertheless, the Maserati duo still holds the leadership in the driver’s classification with their 77 points.

Vitaphone Racing Team’s second Maserati MC12, driven by Bernoldi/Ramos, started off from the middle of the group and maintained its position throughout the race, concluding it in twelfth place.

Qualifying race

0111Maassen / MentenCorvette Z0659:59.6
0225Zonta / KecheleLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S+1.895
0313Hezemans / HennericiCorvette Z06+23.371
048Nygaard / MückeAston Martin DB9+27.771
0534Longin / VerdonckMaserati MC12+35.518
0638Pastorelli / SchwagerLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S+36.972
075Westbrook / MutschFord GT Matech+41.228
0824Kox / HaaseLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S+50.582
0923Krumm / DumbreckNissan GT - R+51.892
1040Martin / LeindersFord GT+52.956
117Enge / TurnerAston Martin DB9+53.016
122Bernoldi / RamosMaserati MC12+56.667
1333Heger / MüllerMaserati MC12+01:07.9
1410Hirschi / PiccioneAston Martin DB9+01:08.5
1541Palttala / KuppensFord GT+01:11.6
1637Basseng / BouchutLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S+01:13.7
173Wendlinger / MoserNissan GT - R+01:26.2
184Ara / NilssonNissan GT - R+01:26.6
1912Gavin / KuismanenCorvette Z06+01:29.2
2022Hughes / Campbell-WalterNissan GT - R+01:27.0
216Grosjean / JaniFord GT Matech+03:28.7
229Makowiecki / AccaryAston Martin DB9+42:46.5
2314Piccini / KumpenCorvette Z06+54:59.2
241Bertolini / BartelsMaserati MC12+57:14.0