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Comments after the Championship Race

Spa-Francorchamps - BEL


Comments after the Championship Race

31/07/2010 - Spa-Francorchamps
Altfrid Heger – N. 33 Triple H Team Hegersport Maserati MC12.
“First, I must congratulate Hans and his team, it’s also good for the championship that another manufacturer’s in the first place, and Alex and I were together for the first time, after Alex Margaritis finished after Paul Ricard.

Altfrid Heger – N. 33 Triple H Team Hegersport Maserati MC12.
"I think we’ve been a good team since the start. Yesterday, in the practice, we started in last position, and we overtook 11 cars, and today we overtook another 11 cars. Maybe it’s not necessary to do any practice for next time. Our team was working really well. It’s a championship for the whole team, it’s important to have a perfect pitstop, a car with a good setup to suit each track. Our engineer Florian, he set up a really good car for us, and he’s the reason why our car was really consistent and why we’re up on the podium.”

Alex Müller – N. 33 Triple H Team Hegersport Maserati MC12
“First of all, I have to thank the team, they did a great job, and I’m happy to be back in the championship, as I had to stop after Abu Dhabi. The car was very consistent, and that was the target. Tyre degradation is the most important point in this championship, as you only have 4 sets of tyres for the weekend. Our advantage as that we just did a few laps in qualifying, which is why we still had 2 new sets and I think that was the secret. The car was balanced very well. My engineer called me to tell me I was the fastest car on track, which helped a lot. In these 2 three lap window, after I pitted quite early, I made a gap, and the safety car helped as well, because the gap had been too big to catch up. All over, the weekend we’ve been competitive in the races. We were lucky as well. You need luck. I have to thank the team as well, they did a great job. I’m happy to be in the Maserati family. Hopefully we can continue in the Nurgburgring.”



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