Comments after qualifying

Ramos - Müller - Van De Poele - Lamy

Comments after qualifying

Alex Muller: «Yes it has started very well for us, even in the pre qualifying we were fastest and in qualifying we were fastest, we're on pole for the race and we are all very happy in the team.»

Alex Muller (2): «When I look on the left hand side there are two other guys in black; Vitaphone are one-two-three for the race and the team is very happy.  This is something we can give for the team, we have to thank them a lot for the whole operation they have done for Spa, the logistics and everything they have done.  They rebuilt the third car in just a week and the boys have done a really good job.  We did some good set up work in the free practice and I think we are good for the race. The conditions were like the Oschersleben race, we can compare today like the last part of the Oschersleben race.  You just arrive and you thought ok, where have I got to brake because it was raining before and then the rain just stops, then it starts again and then stops in some parts of the track; so it was quite tricky.»

Alessandro Pier Guidi: «Many thanks to the team, who have done an incredible job with our car.  This car was rebuilt just last week and it is very good, it was perfect, and in the first few laps of the session we did a good job.»

Andrea Bartolini: «It is a really good day for the team and we also have all three cars in Parc Ferme in one piece. In these conditions it is very easy to make a mistake, which can compromise your whole weekend.  We have a really good feeling with the car, a good atmosphere in the pit box and all of the people are doing a really unbelievable job.  Qualifying is really important but the 24 Hours is another world.  We are really happy because all three cars are consistent and strong at the moment for the race.  It is important for the championship that we finish the race and score points."