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Portimao - PORTUGAL

Pier Guidi - Bobbi 

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19/09/2009 - Portimao
Andrea Bertolini: «We expected to suffer a little in qualifying but, in all honesty, not this much.»

Andrea Bertolini 2: «Coming after the results of the free practice sessions, it is clear how the Maserati drivers struggled. Alex (Müller, ed) did not live up to expectations even without ballast on board. It seemed like there was oil on the track or, more simply, the rubber put down by the GP2s was not compatible with our tyres. (The GP2 cars are running at the same meet here in Portugal and their Race 1 was held just before the FIA GT qualifying, ed.) This had serious consequences as we had no grip. I don’t expect the same thing to happen during the race as, after about five laps, a layer of GT rubber should cover anything on the track surface. The most important thing will be to drive on a free track, away from any traffic. We still have high hopes for the race».


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