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Paul Ricard - FRANCE

Vitaphone Racing is the champion for the 5th time

Upsetting the odds in what was the most feared round of the season and one that promised little, the Vitaphone Racing Team bagged the Team title and now holds a four point lead in the Drivers' championship.

The fifth straight Team victory earns the German squad a rightful place in the history of this series. No other scuderia has ever managed a similar feat. The second spot won by Müller/Ramos and Bertolini/Bartels' fifth saw Vitaphone Racing make the title a mathematical certainty.

The Drivers' crown is still there for the taking as the reigning champions leave Paul Ricard holding a four point lead over Hezemans/Kumpen, who were forced to retire.


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03/10/2009 Paul Ricard


012:00.919 Enrique Bernoldi

022:01.856 Alex Müller

032:02.043 Alessandro Pier Guidi

042:02.044 Andrea Bertolini

052:02.300James Ruffier

062:02.328Mike Hezemans

072:02.541 Thomas Biagi

082:04.796Olivier Panis

092:05.853Bas Leinders

102:07.108Thomas Mutsch


04/10/2009 Paul Ricard


012:00:27.312 Bernoldi/Streit

022:00:42.824 Müller/Ramos

032:00:44.132 Ruffier/Longin

042:00:52.932 Biagi/Maassen

052:01:22.316 Bertolini/Bartels

062:01:35.404 Pier Guidi/Bobbi

072:00:45.056 Panis/Barde

082:01:34.299 Moser/Mutsch

092:02:32.061 Leinders/Kuppens

101:31:30.093 Hezemans/Kumpen


Vitaphone Racing Team