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The comments after the race

Oschersleben - GERMANY

The comments after the race

21/06/2009 - Oschersleben
Alex Müller: «To be honest, I think I made a good start, but the Corvette and the Saleen just accelerated so strongly, and at the end of the straight before the first corner, Karl was already ahead of me, and saw Maassen on the inside, and I was just in a sandwich».

Michael Bartels: «For us, this was the first time this year with the new Michelin tyres for wet conditions.  We never tested them over the winter. So this morning we were a bit surprised as we didn’t have the right set-up for the rain conditions.  But I was quite competitive in my middle stint, and to have both cars on the podium under the given circumstances, especially after the start manoeuvre, which was a vital decision of the race.  Mike and Anthony were very lucky to come up from sixth into the lead. But the result could have been much worse with that crash at the start and the heavy rain, because there was only one strategy in the rain : to keep the car on the track. I’ve never seen so many cars spinning off, and there was massive aquaplaning.  We have added another eight points to our account, and now we are going to Belgium. But the Total 24 Hours of Spa are a little bit like Vitaphone Land, and believe me, the next six weeks will see the maximum preparation on the car. I can nearly announce here that we will enter the third car in Spa, as it is the last year of the Maserati MC 12 in the FIA GT Championship, and we will do everything to win this race.»

Andrea Bertolini: «It was really difficult but also an exciting race.  We tested all the conditions.  In the start I watched in front of me, there was a lot of movement. I thought – it’s better to brake – and Mike made a really good start, while I lost a lot of positions. But we are happy as if you consider the ballast we did a good job.  It was important that we were consistent for the Championship.  And Michael did a strong stint and gained a lot of time and positions. So honestly we are really happy.»
Alex Müller (2): «I was not able to go anywhere else.  Karl wanted to turn in, and Maassen wanted to go to the right for the left-hand corner, and we all touched each other.  The recovery was good and the car was perfect, I was able to get back up to second place by the end of the stint.  I have to thank the team as the car was perfect the whole weekend, or I wouldn’t have been on pole.  The first few metres of the race were really bad but the rest was good. We are lucky we finished third, we have points, and we’re looking forward to Spa.»
Miguel Ramos: «The conditions were really difficult.  This weekend has been our first experience of these rain tyres.  When I took over the car, I was not very comfortable with the brakes at the front, and they were blocking a lot.  I went through the 12th or 13th corner.  Then I said  - let’s go step by step to bring the car home.  I saw a lot of accidents, and I was touched twice.  I was lucky not to damage the car, and was able to bring the car home to Alex who finished the race.  So in the end it was a good race


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