Comments after free practice

Comments after free practice

Alex Müller: «We managed to improve our time after making a few modifications but it is too early to be getting excited.»

Andrea Bertolini: «We did some good work on the set up to limit the negative effects of the ballast and, considering the 100 kilos we have aboard, we don’t have an easy task. We have to make up as many points as possible on the No.4 Corvette. We are pleased because, despite everything, we are still quick and the tyres wear down very little - this means that we can lap consistently fast. In qualifying, as ever, we suffer a little and this is a bit worrying as it is important here to be at the front. We will decide what strategy to adopt based on the qualifying as it is tough overtaking the GT2s on this track because of the ballast and the restrictors. We will have to, where possible, exploit the car when we have a clear track ahead».

Miguel Ramos:
«We had a good session and tried to see what the car was like in race mode, in my stints, and in qualifying set up with Alex. The fact that he set the fastest lap is a reason to go into to this evening in high hopes. During my long run with a full tank, I tried to simulate a race phase and the results were positive».

Matteo Bobbi:
«I would say that things went quite well. We have to improve some things ahead of tomorrow’s race but I think that we are fairly well placed in terms of the work we have done. I used both sessions for long runs. They were useful in getting to know the car in depth and the technicians can use the data to study fuel consumption and how the tyres hold up. I will have to get to know the GT1 car again but, for me, it is always and honour and a pleasure to drive the MC12. There are many differences between this series and the prototype championship I usually appear in: it is a whole different world. I have to get back into gran turismo driving mode. Still, it is brilliant! Qualifying is something that Alessandro will handle as he knows the car better than I do. We are hoping to place in a position that helps the other two Vitaphone Racing Team Maseratis».

Alex Müller (2):
«We will wait to see what happens in qualifying. I think that a few cars still haven’t shown their full potential and that the weather could influence the outcome of the session. Our aim, as always, is to win pole position but being on row one is also important».