The comments after the race

The comments after the race

Michael Bartels: “I'm very happy for the team to have both cars on the podium".

Andrea Bertolini: This is the MC12's last year and so was our car's final appearance in an Italian race. Winning our home event is special for me and for Maserati. We knew we could do well because things looked positive from the start of the weekend and this is not easy at Adria, a tricky circuit that really tests the brakes. We worked hard with the team to find the right balance between speed and temperature control. Together with Michael, I decided that we would not push too hard over the closing laps, after the driver change, as vapour-lock could have been a problem.
This was an important win as it was the quickest way of putting us in a position to reach our aim of winning the title again. This will be difficult as the other drivers are fast and competitive

Michael Bartels:
Today was a great race with the cars all bunched together. In terms of performance there was not much difference between the cars and this resulted in a number of tight clashes on the track. I am pleased that the team managed to place two cars on the podium but I think that Miguel (Ramos, ed) and Alex (Müller, ed) deserved to win as they had a really quick car and drove amazingly. Unfortunately, a team mistake led to a drive-through for the No.2 car.

As for Andrea and me, we are very happy to be leading the championship but know it will be hard to stay out in front at the next round in Oschersleben with 70 kg of ballast for company. It was a shame not to have Wendlinger and Sharp's Saleen alongside as it would have been interesting to see how they coped during the race. Qualifying showed that the American car was still quick while race conditions highlighted that there is very little between the Maserati and the Corvette. I still hope that the FIA and the SRO can rethink their decision to disqualify the current GT1s from competing next year as just the thought of not laying eyes on my Maserati MC12 upsets me!"

Alex Müller:We started well and it was fairly easy to build up a lead over the Corvette early on. Miguel drove a great stint but then came the team error and the drive-through; these things happen... However, I think that this cost us a probable win so we have to try to make up for it at Oschersleben where we will have ballast on board. We will also have to take a look at where things went wrong today to avoid repeating the same mistakes in future".

Miguel Ramos:Obviously, I have mixed feelings after today. On the one hand I believe that we missed out on a deserved win because the team made a mistake. Saying this, we win as a team and we lose as a team so we have to look ahead to the next race. We made the podium for the first time this season even though we could have done so at Silverstone. What is certain is that we will be doing all we can to win at Oschersleben”.