Bartels/Bertolini Copyright Maserati/Studio Mazzi


Adria - ITALY

Round 2 - Italy - Adria

The reigning champions dominated in the night time event at Adria. Bartels/Bertolini were joined on the podium by Müller/Ramos, third after some controversy. Success during the Veneto weekend was widely expected as the MC12 had occupied a leading spot from free practice on and had proved it was in great shape with a series of fast times.

Helped along the way by an evenly matched field and on a track where traction is all-important, the Modenese GTs managed to display all their potential. Bartels/Bertolini's perfect drive was rewarded with a deserved win even if there wasn't the usual duel with Saleen rivals Wendlinger/Sharp to enjoy. Still, the victory was never in doubt though team mates Müller/Ramos did put up a fine challenge.

The No.2 car's effort seemed compromised when they were hit with a drive-through and slid to fourth place. However, a super-quick Müller made up 30" on Hezemans/Kumpen's Corvette, who eventually crossed the line in second, to earn a podium place.


16/05/2009 Adria


011:12.086Andrea Bertolini

021:12.088Alex Müller

031:12.479Xavier Maassen

041:12.498Anthony Kumpen

051:13.035James Ruffier

061:13.390Ferdinando Monfardini

071:13.558Bas Leinders

081:13.952Thomas Biagi

091:14.252Stephane Lemeret

10Time canc.Karl Wendlinger


16/05/2009 Adria



02+ 10.168Kumpen/Hezemans

03+ 20.465Müller/Ramos

04+ 1 LAPMaassen/Moreau

05+ 1 LAPRuffier/Longin

06+ 2 LAPSLemeret/Hines

07+ 4 LAPSLeinders/Kuppens

08+ 11 LAPSDominguez/Lacko

09+ 25 LAPSBiagi/Mutsch

10+ 76 LAPSMonfardini/Orts