Post race 2 comments

The comments after race 2

Amato Ferrari: «The first weekend has gone well with a second and a sixth place. The car proved that it is very reliable».

Amato (2) «Now what we need to do is have a more favourable opinion from the organisers because it is clear that the car's performance is on a par with the competitors'. I hope this is the start of another long series of wins like the one we had with the MC12 we gave a debut to in 2004».

Lorenzo Casè:
«It was a really positive first weekend. The starting position was more difficult in yesterday's opening race. Cédric (Sbirrazzuoli) got off to a great start and drove well so I was in a good position when I took over. I felt at home in the car straight away and managed to make it onto the podium; it was a great debut result. Today we came home sixth. This was a solid result but not as satisfying as yesterday's in terms of the classification. What is more important was that the car handled really well and was very reliable. Even though this was its first race, the car didn't give us any problems during the entire weekend».