Post race 1 comments


The comments after the race 1

Lorenzo Casè: «I was in a good position when I took over the car as Cédric (Sbirrazzuoli) had improved on his starting position.»

Lorenzo Casè (2): «I managed to use my experience from qualifying, a session that I could have run slicks in, to feel more at home in the car. I pushed hard and the car allowed me to build up some speed. It was consistent and quick and I was soon up with the leaders. When I caught the lead group, the two BMWs up front clipped each other and this meant that we climbed an extra two places. With our pace over the closing stages, we could have gone on to win had the race been a lap or two longer. Still, we should be very satisfied considering our starting position and that we are only just starting out».

Cédric Sbirrazzuoli:
«I am pleased with my first stint; I did okay. I improved my times lap on lap and managed to climb from thirteenth to sixth despite not really getting to know the track»

Amato Ferrari: «We are over the moon at the result because we never imagined being on the podium in our first outing in the car. The GranTurismo MC is full of potential and I think the upcoming races will be exciting».