Post-qualifying comments

The comments after the qualifying sessions

Lorenzo Casé: «The reason why qualifying 1 was not all that pleasing is that we lost a lot of time because limits imposed by the bad weather.»

Lorenzo Casé (2): «Unfortunately, the free practice stints were quite short and we didn’t really have a chance to work on the car’s set up. In the second qualifying session, on the other hand, I was satisfied with what we managed to achieve, especially in terms of the race set up. In my opinion, if we are quick during the race we could be in with a shout. The car is competitive, well balanced and easy to drive but we still need to exploit all of its potential».

Cédric Sbirrazzuoli:
«We are really pleased to have given the GranTurismo MC its debut. It is a car that has proved it is competitive right from the off. It is great to drive and fast through curves because it is so well balanced. The biggest difficulty I have had is with the braking as the wheels tend to lock. This can be overlooked though as it will not be a problem once we have got to know this Maserati a little better. Qualifying was tough as we had never driven the car in the wet before. I am optimistic about our chances in the race».