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Spa-Francorchamps - BELGIUM

24 Hour of Spa: a Maserati one-two!

Since the first tests at Fiorano in 2003 to the third win in four years at the 24 Hours of Spa, Maserati’s Reparto Corse has been able to put the marque’s renowned excellence into action. It squad has done so on circuits all over the world but it is on the 7km track in the Ardennes that their creation, the MC12, has found its second home.

Maserati entered the hall of fame with the famous 2005 one-two finish and the memorable win in 2006. This success could have been followed up in 2007 when the Vitaphone Racing MC12, leading by a lap one hour from the finish, ended up in the sand. The Modenese car displayed all its rugged reliability to take four of the top six places. When it comes to Spa, it is all about Maserati.
This year, the 24 Hour had a few teams aiming for victory. As well as the customary difficulties the race presents, Maserati would have to deal with the slight advantages enjoyed by other teams like the larger restrictors fitted to the Saleens and Aston Martins. Still, the MC12 took on all-comers in a straight fight, banking on strategy and the car’s consistent performance and reliability.
The organisation of the team was fundamental at crucial points during the race. One such moment was at the six hour mark, the first where championship points were up for grabs. Here, the race plan kicked in and the two Vitaphone MC12s managed to move into the lead, one they never let slip.
Perfect pit stops, flawless organisation on the track and in the hospitality tent’s warm welcome, skilled technicians and talented drivers made the difference. These are just a few simple ingredients but very difficult to get right and almost impossible without the input of a great team and dedicated staff.

Luca Giraldi
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01/08/2008 Spa-Francorchamps


012:13.923Saleen S7 n°7

022:14.246Corvette Z06 n°6

032:14.581Aston Martin n°33

042:14.755Corvette Z06 n°3

052:14.934Maserati MC12 n°2

062:15.148Corvette Z06 n°5

072:15.209Maserati MC12 n°1

082:15.218Lamborghini n°8

092:15.547Aston Martin n°10

102:17.804Maserati MC12 n°15


03/08/2008 Spa-Francorchamps


0124:00:20.547Maserati MC12 n°1

02+ 2 LAPSMaserati MC12 n°2

03+ 7 LAPSAston Martin n°10

04+ 16 LAPSMaserati MC12 n°15

05+ 33 LAPSLamborghini n°8

06+ 117 LAPSCorvette Z06 n°6

07+ 322 LAPSSaleen S7 n°4

08+ 426 LAPSAston Martin n°33

09+ 437 LAPSCorvette Z06 n°5

10+ 565 LAPSCorvette Z06 n°3