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Monza - italy

Comments after the race at Monza

Miguel Ramos: «It was indubitably a very good race for us and I think it might have even been possible to win it.»

Alexander Negraõ: «I am really happy and I honestly did not think I would get near the podium after only two races. We could have won because we had really gotten close to the leaders and at that moment we were gaining quite a bit. It was a pity the change of drivers did not go smoothly. Maserati has proven it is a benchmark. We still have room for improvement in terms of team mechanisms, but we are very close to victory».

Miguel Ramos:
«Unfortunately, Negraõ and I switched places when we were in first place, Alexander had a problem with the first gear that made him waste some time. I knew I was fast here at Monza; I managed to set an excellent rhythm going around with a 1'46' time, forcing the pace enough to repeat our second place won in 2007 and to look forward to the rest of the Championship, in which maintaining a steady performance will be the key, as seen by the great balance of competitors».

Andrea Bertolini: «Considering how the situation was, 5th place is very good, we gained 5 points that enabled us to remain in contact with the leaders. As team no. 2 we also had the speed to win. Unfortunately Simonsen, who ended up in the gravel, scattered debri s on the track which punctured a back tire. The tire burst, but we were lucky because we were at the Ascari variant at 265 km/h when the aerodynamic part of the wheel arch flew off. At that point it was important to finish the race with extra points and we succeeded in doing that».
Michael Bartles: «I am very happy because we finished the race with both vehicles within the point range and so earned a top place in the Team's Championship. We still have a few minor problems in terms of the team's efficiency both when qualifying and during the actual race, but I think everything will be solved from Adria on. Another positive element is that today's result lets us run with less ballast at the second Italian round and to focus on winning.»


Comments after the qualifying at Monza

Alexander Negraõ: «I am really very pleased, it was an incredible qualification race, very difficult to interpret because the second sector was really quite wet while the rest was dry.»

Andrea Bertolini: «It was an unusual qualifying race, with rain that started to fall suddenly after we had decided to start up with slick tires. At that point I saw two of our most competitive adversaries make pit stops and so I also stopped to mount intermediate tires. Unfortunately, the decision turned out to be wrong because when I rejoined the race the rain had stopped and the track dried immediately, slowing me down due to the treaded tires. A pity. Tomorrow I will have to perform well to recover lost positions just like at Silverstone. I will make an extra special effort.»  
Alexander Negraõ: «I did a good traction control check and electronic job that helped me on the wet spots, and during the last lap when the team asked me to push, I speeded up to get a good time. I'm very confident about tomorrow; the important thing is to have stable weat her, either dry or wet, otherwise the race becomes a lottery.»