Pit & paddock

Brno - cz

Comments after the race at Brno

Michael Bartels: «We'll race with 40 kg less on board in Nogaro and I think we'll be able to return to our usual positions.»

Andrea Bertolini: «In this race we reached the goal we'd aimed for; our objective was sixth place and we got it. Pity that when we refueled the second time we lost a few precious seconds due to traffic in the pit stop lane, otherwise we would have been able to get close enough to attack Muller.»

Michael Bartels (2): 
«We were able to get a good result during this very tricky race for us. We were racing with an outrageous amount of ballast but we nevertheless earned three crucial points, giving up very little to our adversaries and keeping high our position in the championship.»

Comments after the qualifying at Brno

Michael Bartels: «The main reason behin d today's result, which when analyzed superficially may seem disappointing, lies in the 125 extra kilos we have aboard.»

Alexandre Negrao: «In today's pre-qualifying practices we were quite fast and got the third best time.
This made me think we could get in the second row. But the temperature dropped and we probably made the wrong choice with regard to the tires. I am optimistic and my aim for tomorrow is to be part of the top five.»

Michael Bartels (2): «It is difficult to drive this way but it's obvious we're happy to do it: that weight was imposed on us because we are leading the championship. I must add that the low temperature here influenced the temperature of the tires we are using, which are harder. We nevertheless found the car's balance and I am confident that tomorrow we can fight for the fifth or sixth place.»