Pit & paddock

Adria - italy

Comments after the race at Adria

Andrea Bertolini: «Consistent race this evening, the results is perfect in Championship perspective, but we are little bit disappointed for the penalty ‘drive trought»

Michael Bartels: «We are involved to analize the reasons of this ‘drive trought’. I think thath this result is a good step to win the next races in Oschersleben and Spa Francorchamps. Special thanks to the Michelin staff for the excellent work here in Adria».

Miguel Ramos:
«Bad race conditionating by the decision to penalize our car on the starting grid. I have tryed a lot to recover after the long box stop, but the way is totally closed».

Alexander Negraõ:
«On the third lap I have tryed to surpass Kumpen, the contact with his car was not so hard but my machine entering in the box for a long mechanical replacement. I’m disappointed, because my MC12 marking the fastest lap of the race, but to recover it is impossible after 7 laps of stopping». 






Comments after the qualifying at Adria

Andrea Bertolini: «I'm very pleased with today's result. Pity we didn't get pole position»

Andrea Bertolini (2): «Getting a place in first row here in Adria's short circuit is essential. We focused on our choice of Michelin tires; we found they have incredible consistency, which will be crucial tomorrow. It is true that here in Adria surpassing is difficult, but our car can make the difference. I hope we encounter no problems with racetrack traffic. The goal is to take home as many points as possible.»