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Spa-Francorchamps - belgium

Comments after the race at Spa

Thomas Biagi: «This was the first time in my career that I managed to finish a twenty-four race, excluding the karting endurance races I have competed in».

Thomas Biagi (2): «So, I am really pleased to celebrate my first chequered flag in an endurance race with second spot. The race was very tough, especially because of the weather, so finishing on the podium is a great result. Also, leading the Drivers’ championship after such an unusual and special race in terms of points is brilliant. We all know that the remaining four races will be demanding and I am sure that everyone will do their all to help us on our way to the title».

Eric Van de Poele:
«Everyone has to drive to his full capability, find his and the car’s limit and then exceed it. This is what I tried to do. The track was really slippery when I spun and I wasn’t able to control the car. I am really disappointed for the whole team as they worked very hard to put me and my team mates in a position to win this 24 Hour».

Michael Bartels:
«I think that it must have been thrilling to watch this race live. I myself was surprised to see such a tight battle between the cars. There were just a few seconds in it, even after hours of racing. We should be pleased with second place even though we all would have preferred to win. Saying this, Spa is decisive in terms of scoring championship points and it would have been difficult for us if we had not finished. Thomas is fighting for the Drivers’ title and we are all doing our best to back him up».

Pedro Lamy: «The race was an exciting one. During the second half of the race, things were made even tougher because of the weather. At the start during my first stint, I was not happy with the car as it was far from easy to drive and tended to oversteer. I have to be honest and say that at that point I didn’t think that we would have much of a chance of winning. However, as more rubber was laid down and we modified the tyre mix, things improved. In the driving rain we managed to close the gap to the lead car and take command. The team worked very hard during the entire weekend and I would like to thank them for all they did».

Andrea Bertolini: «It was an unfortunate race for us because, during the first six hours we found ourselves in the lead. For a young team like ours making its debut in a hard-hitting championship like the FIA GT, and especially here in the 24 Hours of Spa, seeing the number of our car heading the leaderboard was important. The team did an extraordinary job and I want to give a special thanks to our car engineer, Andrea Landi, as he allowed us to make the most of the safety car phase to place us at the front of the pack. We began to have a few problems with the front left wheel traction control sensor and we switched to back-up mode to resolve it. When this also failed, we had to do without traction control. It is not hard to imagine what effect this had on our lap times in the heavy rain that fell at Spa. Driving in the wet without traction control calls for the utmost concentration and has a negative affect on both the tyres and the mechanics.
What ruled us out of challenging for victory was the problem we had with the lights. Had this not happened we would have been celebrating a podium finish. Still, it was a positive race as the team and the crew were magnificent, not only today but throughout the whole year».