Van De Poele/Bartels


Spa-Francorchamps - BELGIUM

Round 6 - Belgium - 24 Hours of Spa

Maserati finished the 24 Hours of Spa with four cars in the top seven places.
It was another solid display of the Modenese cars’ reliability and performance in a race where the outcome was affected by wet weather.

The Vitaphone Racing Team can feel a little regret at the second place taken Bartels/Biagi/Van de Poele/Lamy as the crew was leading by a lap just 58 minutes from the end. However, the expert Belgian spun on the slippery surface during an especially heavy downpour. He finished up in the sand and lost the lead and a lap because of the time it took to fish him out. The car, long in second, had moved into first place as the eighteenth hour struck.


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27/07/2007 Spa-Francorchamps


012:14.554Corvette C6R n°5

022:14.935Aston Martin n°33

032:15.113Corvette C6R n°3

042:15.258Maserati MC12 n°11

052:15.575Maserati MC12 n°1

062:15.530Lamborghini n°28

072:15.531Maserati MC12 n°2

082:15.537Corvette C5R n°4

092:15.775Maserati MC12 n°12

102:16.471Maserati MC12 n°16


29/07/2007 Spa-Francorchamps


0124:00:20.547Corvette C6R n°5

02+ 1:17.756Maserati MC12 n°1

03+ 3 LAPSCorvette C5R n°4

04+ 3 LAPSMaserati MC12 n°2

05+ 5 LAPSMaserati MC12 n°11

06+ 11 LAPSCorvette C6R n°3

07+ 17 LAPSMaserati MC12 n°16

08+ 21 LAPSPorsche 997 n°97

09+ 25 LAPSPorsche 997 n°76

10+ 30 LAPSCorvette C5R n°18


Poele - Bartels - Biagi - Lamy